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Fast Delivery
I placed my order at on a Thursday morning and when I got off work on Friday evening my uniforms had already arrived. I couldn't believe how quickly they got it out to me. I was surprised and also impressed with the fast delivery.

-Robert in Colorado

Great Products
I am somewhat thrifty with my money. My friends call me "cheap" but I consider myself "frugal". After shopping around online for the best prices for my postal uniforms I stumbled upon and found some really low prices in comparison to some of the other guys out there. I was looking for quantity but what I got was quantity and quality. The stuff was union made and of the highest quality, they sent me really great postal uniforms. Thanks again.

-Samantha in Virginia

Excellent Service
I waited until the last minute to spend my uniform allowance and was concerned that I might lose it if my order wasn't processed quickly enough. Not only did Postal Uniforms Online process my order the very same day, they immediately informed me of some items that were backordered so that I was able to change them to in-stock items that would be charged on the current year's uniform allowance and I didn't lose any of my allowance funds. Thanks for the excellent service, you guys saved me from losing my uniform allowance and saved me money with your great prices.

-Juan in Nevada

Complete Shipments
I like to spend my entire uniform allowance all at once and it always seemed that in the past I would only receive partial shipments from other companies due to items being out of stock. Then I tried Postal Uniforms Online and for the last three years I have yet to have an item on backorder and my postal uniform orders from them always arrive complete with everything that I requested. If they keep this up I'll be forced to order with them every year until I retire!

-Jackie in Wisconsin

User Friendly Website
The website is great! It is extremely easy to use and I was very happy with how quickly and efficiently I was able to navigate through it to get my online shopping done. Postal Uniforms Online keeps it simple and that is the way it should be. No fancy filler or a bunch of unneeded information, just the quality products that I need for my carrier position with the USPS at really low prices. Thanks guys!

-Phillip in Kentucky

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